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This plugin module offers z-projections for 3D image data. A slice z-range is chosen at user's option. All slices of the z-stack are added to the image window, optionally with image values overlaid and/or averaged. It is possible to switch slices within the image window by mouse interaction.

This plugin provides image volume stack alignment based on the assumption of a constant sample position in z-direction. The volume is segmented into stacks of 2D or 3D images. The stacks are aligned by best-fit 2D (affine) or 3D (rigid) transformation of the overall image stack. The affine transformation is obtained by a least-squares fit of the x and y-coordinates. The center point of the fitting function is the position in xy-plane where this fit is calculated. The z-position is determined by the stack mean or by user-defined volume averages.

This plugin provides the so-called “Weighted-cluster-analysis” . This analysis is based on the assumption that the images within a cluster are rather similar to each other and contain similar or the same molecule. In that case, the point-to-point correlation and the Pearson correlation can be used as the similarity measure. The cluster centroid can be calculated by weighted averaging. The weighted-cluster-analysis module can be used as plugin module.

A plugin module for R that provides an environment for data analysis within the ImageJ distribution. It offers some basic components for statistical data analysis. In addition, some missing components are implemented (e.g., outlier detection).

In addition, this plugin provides the possibility to perform transitive transformations, i.e. a given set of transformations can be applied iteratively to a structure. Such transformations are recommended when acquiring images or image stacks of a structure that is to undergo a large number of transformations in the course of a single measurement. The location of the pore centers in the 3D geometry is kept invariant for the entire transformation and the location of pores in the two-dimensional view is kept invariant during the entire transformation. The plugin provides an event handler for images that handles the signal from the plugin on frame event. This event handler can be registered to the event for each image using its Unique ID. Each frame during transformation the plugin updates the progress bar by calculating the progress in percentage. When the transformation is complete, the plugin generates an image or an image stack showing the result.

This plugin provides a utility to create an image stack from an image. All images in the stack are processed with the same command, and the specified transformations are applied to all images in the stack. The input image is masked and the output image stack is automatically filled with the same image values as the input image.

This plugin uses the divide-and-conquer technique to implement the SIFT algorithm (Scale-Invariant Feature Transform) that is used for image matching and feature extraction. The complex mathematical background is outside the scope of this paper. 827ec27edc


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