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[S7E19] The One With Ross And Monica's Cousin

Ross and Monica's cousin, Cassie, visits, and Chandler becomes attracted to her. As a result, she moves from Monica's to Ross' apartment. Unfortunately, Ross gets smitten by her looks as well. When he and Cassie are watching a movie together, Ross gets the impression that Cassie wants to have sex with him, so he reaches out to kiss her. Horrified, she storms out of the apartment. Cassie finally stays at Phoebe's, but she is smitten by her looks as well.

[S7E19] The One With Ross And Monica's Cousin

Monica and Ross's cousin, Cassie, stays with Chandler and Monica until their wedding, but as the little girl has grown into a gorgeous woman since they last saw her, Chandler's ogling requires her to stay at Ross' apartment instead. Ross can't help ogling her as well, and while watching a movie convinces himself that she "wants it" too. He makes a move and Cassie's negative reaction leaves him speechless.

Undeniably a very beautiful woman, Chandler and Phoebe instantly became attracted to her. But then the writers decided to take it one giant unnecessary step further and have Ross try to sleep with his cousin.

When Cassie is staying with Ross, the two start talking about their summer on the beach and Ross tries to control his desires for his cousin. Things then get extremely awkward when Ross thinks his feelings for Cassie are reciprocated and leans in for a kiss, which she obviously rejects.

Michael and Elizabeth are back to debate the beginning of a very awkward time in Friends history. Joey's going on a date with Rachel, but it's all fun and games until someone develops real feelings. Elsewhere, Ross needs to get across town, FAST! And we bid farewell to dear, little Ben.Follow the show on Twitter, @FriendsPod, and as always, tell a Friend!

Also known as The One with All the Penis Talk.Michael and Elizabeth are back on the sauce, and because of that, the episode takes a crass turn. To be fair, the Central Perk Gang are giving them plenty of ammunition, with Joey needing a penis-hood, and Ross wanting to do some casual necking with his cousin.Follow the show on Instagram, and on Twitter @FriendsPod, and as always, tell a Friend.

Phoebe gets angry with Joey when he blows off dinner with her for a date. The tables are turned however when her scientist boyfriend David returns to town for one night -- the same night when she's scheduled to go to dinner with Joey. Monica is upset by her lack of invitation to a cousin's wedding, especially when she finds out that Ross was invited "with guest". Chandler accidentally gets a cheesecake delivered that was intended for another apartment. When he and Rachel start eating it, they are unable to stop and refuse to give it back.

Denise plays Cassie Geller, a free-spirited cousin of the Geller siblings who visits them while they are living in New York City. When she arrives at their apartment, she immediately makes a good impression on Ross and Monica with her bubbly personality and infectious laugh. Her presence causes some tension between Ross and Rachel as they both find themselves attracted to her.

In season 7 episode 19 of Friends, Joey auditions for a part in an upcoming movie that requires him to be naked. Rachel and Phoebe then plan a wedding shower for Monica, while Ross becomes attracted to his cousin, Cassie, afer she visits. After discovering that Cassie is only staying in town for a few days, Ross decides to take her out on a date. However, the date is cut short when Ross learns that Cassie is engaged. Before she leaves, Cassie tells Ross that she found their date romantic and wishes him luck with his future relationships. Meanwhile, Chandler and Monica search for new furniture for their apartment and eventually find the perfect couch. 041b061a72


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