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Understanding the Clean Sheet Bet in Football: Exploring Its Intriguing Features

In the realm of football, maintaining a clean sheet occurs when a team prevents its opponent from scoring. While some football matches boast low scoring rates, thwarting the opposing team's goals demands a collective effort from the entire team, ultimately relying on the goalkeeper. At the culmination of a season, goalkeepers receive special recognition for the frequency with which they keep a clean sheet in a match. Keeping a clean sheet isn't just crucial for a footballer's statistics; it also impacts football betting for enthusiasts. Betting on which team will fail to score in a match is quite common and over/under 2.5 goals tips 

Football betting with the clean sheet bet, also known as Clean Sheet odds, is a particularly unique type of wager, and it's currently offered by only a few bookmakers. Understanding the essence of the clean sheet bet entails selecting and placing bets on the team you believe will maintain a clean sheet or fail to do so in a match.

With sports betting platforms like FB88, predicting clean sheet bets entails four scenarios:

  • Home (YES): The home team will maintain a clean sheet.

  • Home (NO): The home team will not maintain a clean sheet.

  • AWAY (YES): The away team will maintain a clean sheet.

  • AWAY (NO): The away team will not maintain a clean sheet.

Once the selection is made, bettors await the final whistle to determine whether they win or lose their clean sheet bet.

Clean sheet bet odds are calculated according to European odds. The amount won in a bet equals the amount wagered multiplied by the Clean Sheet odds.

For example, let's consider a clean sheet bet in a match between Liverpool and Manchester United:

If you bet on Liverpool Home No (indicating Liverpool won't keep a clean sheet) with 100,000 VND and the match ends with a scoreline like 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, or if Manchester United scores, you'll win: 100,000 × 1.33 = 133,000 VND. If Liverpool keeps a clean sheet, you'll lose 100,000 VND.

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If you bet on Liverpool Home Yes (indicating Liverpool will keep a clean sheet) with 100,000 VND and Manchester United fails to score, you'll win: 100,000 × 2.15 = 215,000 VND. If Manchester United scores, you'll lose 100,000 VND.

Similar betting options apply for Away Yes and No scenarios in a match.

So, why is it called a clean sheet?

Keeping a clean sheet means a team prevents any goals from being scored into the goalkeeper's net. In the early days of football, scores were recorded on a piece of paper to track the match's progress. If a team failed to score, their sheet would remain blank. These sheets would document all sorts of game information, including penalties, fouls, shots on goal against the goalkeeper, and team scores. When a team has no information recorded about their score, they've kept a clean sheet.

Can both teams keep a clean sheet in the same match?

In a regular season football match, it's possible for the game to end in a draw, meaning both teams kept a clean sheet by not conceding any goals. However, in a knockout match, there may be extra time or penalty shootouts to determine the winner. For instance, the World Cup utilizes extra time as you can't have a goalless final match of the season.

Keeping a clean sheet in a regular season match ensures that both teams secure at least one point for the league table standings. This means if both teams fail to score and the match ends in a draw, both earn a point in the playoff match.

Maintaining a clean sheet is also significant as it can highlight some of the best goalkeepers in the tournament. While the entire team strives for victory in a football match, the goalkeeper remains the last line of defense against conceding goals. While matches with low scores are the norm, not allowing any goals is an achievement for the entire team and the goalkeeper.

What is the Golden Glove in football?

The Golden Glove is an award bestowed upon the best goalkeeper of the season. The award goes to the goalkeeper with the highest number of clean sheets throughout the season. If two or more goalkeepers have the same number of clean sheets by the end of the year, they both receive the award.

According to , in 2021, Petr Čech held the record for the most clean sheets with 202. Here are the top three goalkeepers with the most clean sheets:

  1. Petr Čech (202)

  2. David James (169)

  3. Mark Schwarzer (151)

According to Nick Rimando holds the record for the most clean sheets in Major League Soccer with 167. Kevin Hartman ranks second with 128, followed by Stephan Frei in third place with 98.

According to My Football Facts, the English Premier League witnessed an average of 2.69 goals per match in the 2020 season. In 2019, it was 2.72 goals per match, and in 2018, it was 2.82.

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In conclusion, keeping a clean sheet in football means a team prevents the opposing team from scoring. With less than three goals per match in the English Premier League and MLS, there's a possibility for a team not to score in a match. Understanding how proficient a team's goalkeeper is, the average number of goals a team scores, and what players contribute on a given day can aid in sports betting.

The clean sheet bet is an uncommon betting method in football. If you can assess how many goals a team scores and they have a good goalkeeper, your bet can be advantageous if you accurately predict which team won't score.


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