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[S3E1] The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy WORK

Ross: (About his Princess Leia fantasy) Look, that was supposed to be like a private, personal thing between us.Rachel: Okay, Ross, Phoebe is my girlfriend, okay, we tell each other everything. You know, I mean, come on, guys do the same thing, I mean, what about all that locker room stuff.Ross: That's different, okay. That's like, uh "Who dated a stripper?" or "Who did it on the back of the Staton Island Ferry?"Rachel: Were both of those Joey?Ross: Yeah. Look, you don't, you don't talk about like, you know, your girlfriend and the intimate stuff you, you do with her.Rachel: Not even with your best friend?Ross: No!Rachel: That is so sad. You're missing out on so much, Ross. I mean, the bonding and the sharing, you know. And, and knowing that someone else is going through the same thing you are.Ross: Hmm. So what, you, you tell each other everything?Rachel: Pretty much.Ross: Did you talk about the night of five times? Do you tell people about the night of five times?Rachel: Uh, honey, that was with Carol.Ross: I know, but it's still worth mentioning, I think.

[S3E1] The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy

Rachel asks Ross what his secret fantasy is. He recounts the Return Of The Jedi scene where Princess Leia is shown as Jabba's prisoner wearing her notorious gold bikini. She tells Phoebe about it, and Phoebe makes a joke in front of Ross while holding two buns to the side of her head to look like Leia. Although at first appalled that Rachel shared his private fantasies with her friends, Ross tries to do the same with Chandler, but Chandler scares him off when he tells him how he imagines his mother when he's having sex with a girl (something which Joey does too, albeit with Chandler's mom in his head and not his own mother).

Ross is about to fulfill his fantasy with a Rachel dressed exactly like Princess Leia, but Chandler's scary sexual fantasy kicks in and he start seeing his mother Judy in the Leia outfit. As Ross states about Chandler, "that bastard ruined my [his] life".

Ross reveals a fantasy to Rachel involving a certain Star Wars character. Monica suffers from insomnia after her breakup with Richard. And Chandler, back together with Janice, wants Joey to bond with her. 041b061a72


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