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Sum 41 Underclass Hero Full Album Zip

Sum 41 Underclass Hero Full Album Zip

Sum 41 is a Canadian rock band that rose to fame in the early 2000s with their catchy pop-punk songs and energetic live shows. Their fifth studio album, Underclass Hero, was released in 2007 and marked a departure from their previous style, as they experimented with more acoustic elements, keyboards, and Queen-inspired harmonies. The album also featured more political and personal lyrics, as lead singer Deryck Whibley addressed topics such as his absentee father, the Iraq War, and the state of the world. Underclass Hero received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the band's ambition and maturity, but also criticized the album's overproduction, lack of originality, and clumsy attempts at social commentary.

In this article, we will provide you with a link to download the full album zip file of Underclass Hero, as well as a brief overview of each track. We will also share some of the best reviews and ratings of the album from various sources. If you are a fan of Sum 41 or curious about their music, this article is for you.


Download Link

You can download the full album zip file of Underclass Hero by clicking on this [link]. The zip file contains 14 tracks in MP3 format, with a total size of 105 MB. The tracks are:

  • Underclass Hero

  • Walking Disaster

  • Speak of the Devil

  • Dear Father

  • Count Your Last Blessings

  • Ma Poubelle

  • Marching of the Dogs

  • The Jester

  • With Me

  • Pull the Curtain

  • King of Contradiction

  • Best of Me

  • Confusion and Frustration in Modern Times

  • So Long Goodbye

Track Overview

Here is a brief summary of each track on Underclass Hero:

  • Underclass Hero: The title track and lead single of the album. It is an upbeat pop-punk anthem that celebrates being an outsider and rejects conformity. It also references Green Day's American Idiot, which was a major influence on the album. The song has a catchy chorus and a guitar solo that mimics the riff from Sum 41's earlier hit Fat Lip.

  • Walking Disaster: The second single and one of the most popular songs on the album. It is a mid-tempo power ballad that deals with Whibley's childhood trauma and his struggle to overcome it. It also reflects on his relationship with his bandmates and his fans. The song has a melodic chorus and a bridge that features Queen-like vocal harmonies.

  • Speak of the Devil: A fast-paced punk rock song that criticizes the hypocrisy and corruption of politicians and religious leaders. It also expresses Whibley's frustration with the state of the world and his desire to escape from it. The song has a driving drum beat and a guitar solo that showcases Baksh's skills.

  • Dear Father: A slow acoustic ballad that addresses Whibley's father, who abandoned him when he was a child. It is one of the most emotional and personal songs on the album, as Whibley pours out his anger, pain, and resentment towards his father. It also reveals his hope for reconciliation and forgiveness.

  • Count Your Last Blessings: A hard rock song that warns about the consequences of war and violence. It also questions the role of God and fate in human affairs. The song has a heavy guitar riff and a chorus that contrasts Whibley's harsh vocals with Baksh's melodic ones.

  • Ma Poubelle: A short interlude that features Whibley singing in French over a simple acoustic guitar. The title means "My Trash" in English, and the lyrics are humorous and nonsensical. The song is a tribute to Whibley's French-Canadian heritage and a joke on the band's name.

  • Marching of the Dogs: The third single and one of the most controversial songs on the album. It is a punk rock song that attacks George W. Bush and his administration for their involvement in the Iraq War and other issues. It also mocks the American patriotism and the media propaganda. The song has a catchy chorus and a sarcastic spoken-word outro that rhymes words with "-ed".

  • The Jester: A fun and upbeat pop-punk song that compares Whibley to a jester, who entertains people with his jokes and pranks. It also reflects on his role as a musician and a performer, and his love for his fans. The song has a playful chorus and a guitar solo that pays homage to Van Halen.

  • With Me: The fourth single and one of the most successful songs on the album. It is a soft rock ballad that expresses Whibley's love and devotion for his wife, Avril Lavigne, who he married in 2006. It also thanks her for being with him through his hard times and supporting him in his career. The song has a romantic chorus and a piano accompaniment.

  • Pull the Curtain: A progressive rock song that experiments with different time signatures, tempos, and styles. It also explores the theme of identity and self-discovery, as Whibley tries to find his true self behind the curtain of fame and expectations. The song has a complex structure and a dramatic climax.

  • King of Contradiction: A short and fast punk rock song that showcases the band's roots and influences. It also describes Whibley's personality and attitude, as he admits to being a contradiction and a rebel. The song has a simple chorus and a guitar solo that nods to the Ramones.

  • Best of Me: A pop rock ballad that celebrates the band's friendship and loyalty. It also thanks their fans for their support and dedication, and promises to give them the best of themselves. The song has a catchy chorus and a guitar solo that blends with Whibley's vocals.

  • Confusion and Frustration in Modern Times: A rock song that expresses Whibley's confusion and frustration with the modern world and its problems. It also questions his own purpose and direction in life, and his ability to make a difference. The song has a melancholic chorus and a guitar solo that echoes Whibley's feelings.

  • So Long Goodbye: The final track and the hidden bonus track on the album. It is an acoustic ballad that serves as a farewell to the fans and the listeners, as well as a reflection on the band's journey and achievements. It also hints at a possible hiatus or break-up of the band, as Whibley sings "So long, goodbye / I'll see you when it's over / I'm not sure where I'm going / But I'll be fine." The song has a sad chorus and a harmonica solo that adds to the mood.

Reviews and Ratings

Underclass Hero received mixed reviews from critics, who had different opinions on the band's musical direction, lyrical content, and overall quality. Here are some of the best reviews and ratings of the album from various sources:





4/5 stars

"Sum 41 have never sounded quite so toothless...but they've never sounded quite so pleasant either."


1/5 stars

"The album is essentially a more elaborate play on...recycling ideas from their back catalogue...and from other bands' catalogues."


7/10 points

"It is probably the band's best release to date...until Green Day's next release reminds everyone who really owns this genre."




Rolling Stone

3/5 stars

"Sum 41 have grown up, but not too much...they still know how to rock out with catchy hooks and snotty attitude."

Entertainment Weekly


"Underclass Hero is a solid effort that proves Sum 41 can still make some noise, even if they're not making waves."

Alternative Press

4/5 stars

"Underclass Hero is a surprisingly mature and ambitious album that showcases Sum 41's growth as songwriters and musicians."

In conclusion, Underclass Hero is an album that divides fans and critics alike, as it represents a change in Sum 41's musical direction and lyrical themes. Some may appreciate the band's attempt to experiment with different genres and express their opinions on various issues, while others may prefer their old style of fun and energetic pop-punk songs. Regardless of one's preference, Underclass Hero is an album that deserves a listen, as it offers some memorable tunes, heartfelt emotions, and impressive performances from one of the most popular rock bands of the 2000s.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. If you did, please share it with your friends and leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!


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