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Peter Mironov

Microsoft Excel 2016 15.27 [PATCHED]

HiIn excel 2016 where we are using the pivot table from base data , how we can change the date formate. e.g. I have used date format 01-09-2016 in base sheet and while creating pivot , date format changed to 01- sep. As I am going to use pivot for H-lookup, its not finding the value. Can anyone suggest solution?

Microsoft Excel 2016 15.27

When I sort multiple dates but there are some date ranges (i.e. September 1-3, 2016) those date ranges sort to the bottom and aren't recognized as an ACTUAL date. How do I get excel to recognize it as a date?

I have a problem when I enable the date autoformat. When I key in 1/20 or 1-20, the excel autocorrects to 20-01-2016 as per my autoformat setting.The problem happens when I key 20/1 or 20-, the date is not autocorrected as a date.. 041b061a72


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