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Annies Fruit Jerky

Annies Fruit Jerky

Annies Fruit Jerky is chunky, succulent pieces of Annies.


It’s a mash-up of all the Annies fruit flavours in one pouch. A lucky dip where every handful is a fruity exploration. Perfect for sharing on a hike, at sports practice or at movie nights. Or to simply devour all on your own.


100 grams


- Gluten Free

- Nut & Dairy free

- No Added Preservatives

- Vegan & Vegetarian

- No Added Sugar

- GMO free

- Not from concentrates




  • 100% Fruit
  • Annies fruit snacks are made by taking whole fruit, pulping it, then air-drying it. Simple as that. All ingredients are in the name. There is nothing but fruit.
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