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Lucas King
Lucas King

[S5E17] Rain On My Charades

Charlie gets trapped in a stalled train before his date with a woman he's desperate to impress. Carter's weird neighbor Kurt hits on him, and Paul helps by getting Carter reservations at a posh restaurant.

[S5E17] Rain on My Charades

The idea of being Fluttershy's friend makes Discord pause; he's never had a true friend before. Then Angel suddenly bursts in and, through a bout of charades, informs the ponies that Sweet Apple Acres is being flooded. Rainbow Dash points to Discord as the cause, and she and her friends leave to see to it, leaving him and Fluttershy behind.

Alison has the opportunity to escape from the drudgery of her Scottish tenement life thanks to her relationship with promising footballer Joe. Tired of Joe spending so much time training, she begins seeing poorly paid sailor Alec. Circumstances change and she now faces the prospect of marriage to Alec and moving into the tiny family home with him, his parents and his elderly grandfather. 041b061a72


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