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[S5E5] Employee Transfer ##VERIFIED##

In this episode, Michael struggles with the fact that his girlfriend Holly is being transferred back to her old branch in Nashua, New Hampshire, after CFO David Wallace discovers their relationship. Meanwhile, Pam and Jim's two brothers play a prank on Jim, and Dwight irritates his romantic rival Andy by taking an interest in Andy's old school, Cornell University.

[S5E5] Employee Transfer


Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) is embarrassed when she is the only person at corporate wearing a costume on Halloween. Pam's costume is Charlie Chaplin and it cannot be removed since her mustache was applied with grease paint and removing the hat makes her look like Adolf Hitler. In Scranton, numerous employees dress in odd costumes, with Creed Bratton (Creed Bratton), Kevin Malone (Brian Baumgartner) and Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) all dressing up as Heath Ledger's version of the Joker from 'The Dark Knight.' Jim Halpert's (John Krasinski) costume is minimalistic as usual, dressing up as a guy named "Dave" (a costume consisting of his normal attire, with a name tag).

Holly Flax (Amy Ryan) has been transferred back to her old branch in Nashua, New Hampshire after CFO David Wallace discovered her relationship with Michael Scott (Steve Carell). Michael and Darryl Philbin (Craig Robinson) help her move using Darryl's truck. Michael and Holly want to continue their relationship, but as they get closer to Nashua, Holly believes that their relationship is not going to work with the long distance. Michael begs her to keep their relationship alive as he fears he will go back to Jan Levinson. Michael had intended to spend the weekend with Holly before heading back to Scranton, but after they move her stuff into her new house, he changes his mind and heads back with Darryl. Michael and Holly share a last embrace before he leaves. In the truck, Darryl tries to console Michael by teaching him to sing the blues. Michael does not understand, but is cheered up nonetheless.

Holly's transfer to Nashua ranked number 4 in's top ten moments from the fifth season of The Office.[2] However, "Employee Transfer" was voted the fourth lowest-rated episode out of 26 from the fifth season, according to an episode poll at the fansite OfficeTally; the episode was rated 7.20 out of 10.[3]

Verbanski returns to the prison to inform Casey of the set up. Because she killed Decker, she'll have to make herself scarce for a while. However, partnered with Morgan, they help to break Casey out under the guise of a prison transfer. The Bartowskis ponder what Decker was intending by framing them. Chuck then tells Sarah that he has reconsidered quitting the spy life, they'll have to be the best spies ever to survive.

Don Beddoe (Mr. Barmarche) made his Broadway in 1929 and enjoyed a decade-long career on the stage with more than a dozen plays to his credit. Although he may have made some minor appearances in silent films, Beddoe made his real transfer to film work in 1937. He appeared with Lucille Ball in the 1949 film Easy Living. This is his only series appearance.

At the end of your lease, you can choose from several different options including putting your Up&Up Wallet's value towards a purchase of your rental home, transferring your Wallet to another rental in our network, or cashing the value of your Wallet out for 90% of its value.

Ben reveals that the town has virtually no funds left and the government will be shut down (which includes the parks of Pawnee) until further notice. He and Chris set up a budget task force with several employees of Pawnee's government, including Ron Swanson. Ron accidentally reveals that Leslie is secretly planning to put the canceled children's concert on an unused lot behind Ann Perkins' house; Ben tries to stop her. When Ben sees how much effort she put into it, he lets her have the concert and even pays Freddy Spaghetti to come back after he agreed to perform at a library in Eagleton, which gets him back on Leslie's good side.

For seven seasons, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) was the lovable idiot manager of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch on the NBC smash The Office. He had an uncanny ability to make any situation about himself, while also being one of the business's biggest empaths, who supported all of his employees at various times throughout the seasons. He was an idiot not because he was dumb or lacked intelligence, but because of his crazy, wild antics that left everyone scratching their heads.

Since the Scranton branch leads in sales in episodes 14 and 15 of season 5, David Wallace (Andy Buckley) asks Michael to travel to the other Dunder Mifflin branches to explain his techniques to the managers and their employees. He brings Pam along for the ride as his assistant and the two put on some funny demonstrations at each branch.

At two points during The Office, Michael proves himself to be an editor extraordinaire when he assembles a commercial and a movie that he filmed and starred in. The first time we saw this was in Season 4, Episode 5 ("Local Ad") when he cuts together a heartfelt commercial made by himself and the employees after being disappointed in an ad that corporate has concocted. 041b061a72


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