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Relive the Classic Football Management Game Championship Manager 99/00 on Mac

championship manager 97/98 is a good game, but it's nowhere near as good as the previous championship manager games. with that said, it's still an extremely good game, and if you like the world game, then you'll like this one. the game is also available for mac, and it's possible to play it with a mouse rather than a keyboard, which is nice for those of us who aren't so keen on using the keyboard.

Championship manager 99 00 download for mac

thechampionship managerseries is one of the best-selling pc brands in the u.k., and probably in most of the soccer-playing world. this of course excludes the united states, where the game has never been published. and that's a shame, because american gamers who don't find a way to import this one don't get to see what the world's most detailed sports management game is all about. on paper,championship manager's lack of in-match graphic highlights should relegate it to the world of soccer has-beens, yet despite being a text-only game it offers a level of depth and immersion unsurpassed elsewhere.

this update saw the american major league soccer added to the list of playable leagues. it also added the world club championship to the equation. championship manager: season 99/00 received a gold sales award from the entertainment and leisure software publishers association (elspa), indicating sales of at least 200,000 copies in the united kingdom.

cm 00/01comes with a game editor that you can use to update your favourite team rosters, to create some fantasy teams to play with, or to give yourself a foot-up with some extra cash in the bank for the season ahead. the editor is a separate program, but is very easy to use. it also gives you an insight into players' hidden stats, as well as some of the more esoteric properties that are recorded, including a player's favourite and most disliked teams and his favourite manager, and a club's most favoured and disliked staff (which is useful, for example, to stop exeter's manager taking over at plymouth!). chances are there will be many downloads available off the internet before long, but having the power to edit the database yourself is always going to be handy.


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