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Download Evolve PC Game 2015 VERIFIED

Evolve 2015 PC Game is developed by Tutle Rock Studio and is published under the banner of 2K studios. Evolve game released for Microsoft Windows on 10th February 2015. With 60 awards in the bag the game has become the most award winning game of 2015 till date.

Download Evolve PC Game 2015

Set in the fierce world where man and beasts come face to face. It is a 4v1 game. Where 4 hunters will put everything at stake and will fight one brutal beast. 4 player can control the hunters and the fifth player will control the beast. In this Evolve PC Game 2015 The objective of the four player is to kill the beast. While the fifth player either has to kill all four of the hunters or need to complete the task given in the mission to enter into the next stage.

All in all Evolve PC Game 2015 is a very interesting game. Which has got some very imposing graphics and play control are also quite advanced. With impressive gameplay and catchy sounds Evolve PC Game 2015 is surely a worth playing game. You can also try final fantasy xiii 2 PC Game which is similar to this game

Prior to release, Evolve received a largely positive reception and won the Best of Show Awards at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 and Gamescom 2014. Upon release, the game received positive reviews from critics, with praise mostly directed to the game's asymmetrical structure, controls, and designs. However, it received criticism for its progression system and light narrative, gameplay, as well as a large amount of downloadable content prepared. Evolve was a commercial success, although the player base significantly dwindled shortly after release. The game had briefly transitioned to become a free-to-play title known as Evolve Stage 2 before 2K Games shut down the game's dedicated servers in September 2018.

Evolve is an action video game with a focus on both co-operative, and competitive, multiplayer gameplay. The game adapts a '4v1' asymmetrical structure where four players take control of the Hunters, while the fifth player controls the Monster.[2] The Hunters' main objective is to track and hunt the Monster in a limited amount of time, while the Monster's goal is to evolve and make themselves more powerful.[1]

Evolve's soundtrack was composed by Jason Graves and Lustmord. Graves composed the Monsters' soundtracks, while Lustmord composed the Hunters' soundtracks.[41][42] According to Graves, much of the music was inspired by the Aliens vs. Predator series. Graves stated that he intentionally chose not to use an orchestra-based style for the music, instead, Graves used synthesizers to create sounds that he described as "odd". According to Graves, Evolve's soundtrack has "evolved" as the game development progressed, and that it had shifted to become more electronic and synth-based. The Hunters' soundtracks are more futuristic and synth-sounding, while the Monsters' soundtracks are more drum-intense and distorting.[43][44]

THQ's financial situation continued to worsen and they declared bankruptcy on December 19, 2012.[45] Evolve was listed alongside other unannounced titles from Relic Entertainment, Vigil Games, and THQ Studios Montreal in court documents filed by THQ.[46] With THQ unable to continue its publishing and funding roles, an auction was held for other publishers to acquire these titles. Publishers interested in the game visited Turtle Rock Studio to see their "secret project".[29] The team was frustrated, as they felt that the situation was "out of their control". Rubin later contacted Ashton and Robb, and suggested that they should bid the game themselves. They bid $250,000 for their own project, which Ashton described as "what [they] had in the bank".[29] However, they were outbid by Take-Two Interactive, which paid $11 million to acquire the game and to secure the rights to the entire franchise, and its publishing label. 2K Games then served as the game's publisher.[47] Despite being outbid, the Turtle Rock team was still "super excited" to collaborate with 2K.[48] On January 8, 2015, Turtle Rock and 2K announced that Evolve had been declared gold, indicating it was being prepared for duplication and release.[49]

When Evolve was leaked in THQ's court document, it was expected that the game would be released on their 2015 fiscal year. The partnership between the two companies was revealed on May 26, 2011,[50] and the game was re-revealed by gaming magazine Game Informer on January 7, 2014.[51] It was announced that the game would be released for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One globally on October 21, 2014.[52] However, 2K later decided to extend Evolve's development time frame, so as to allow Turtle Rock to further polish the game, as well as to "fully realize the vision for Evolve". As a result, Evolve was delayed to February 10, 2015.[53]

In addition to the game's standard edition, players can purchase the game's Season Pass, Deluxe Edition and PC Monster Race Edition. The Season Pass features four additional Hunters and a set of "magma" Monster skins. The Deluxe Edition features all the content of the Season Pass, as well as a new Monster called Behemoth.[62] The PC Monster Race Edition, which is an exclusive for PC players, features the content of the Deluxe Edition, as well as the fifth Monster and two additional Hunters.[63] After Evolve's release, a new season pass, called Evolve Hunting Pass 2 was released on June 23, 2015. It features new skins, Hunters and a new Monster.[64]

On January 21, 2015, a mobile game titled Evolve: Hunter's Quest appeared briefly on the iOS App Store and was later removed. The game was released by 2K on January 29, 2015 for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Fire OS devices. The game is a free-to-play tile-matching video game, as well as a companion app to Evolve. In Evolve: Hunter's Quest, players match three tokens of the same colour in order to unleash attacks on enemies, fill up energy bars to activate special Hunter abilities and earn mastery points to level up. Mastery points earned in-app can then be applied to characters in the main Evolve game on any platform. Players who download the app can also unlock unique game art and watch replays of online matches from a top-down view.[65][66]

In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine, Ashton claimed that Evolve would have the "best support for downloadable content ever".[70] However, many of the downloadable content packages are not covered by Evolve's Season Pass[71] On November 21, 2014 Turtle Rock Studios co-founder Phil Robb confirmed with IGN that all DLC maps will be free of charge. Robb stated the reason for this is "to allow people who don't have the DLC, to still play against those who do, the only difference is that they can't play as those hunters or monsters".[72] Despite Turtle Rock claiming that all DLC maps would be free to all players, the high number of paid DLCs has attracted criticism from fans who feel that it constitutes a large amount of content being deliberately withheld to be sold.[73] A large number of players who purchased the game wrote negative reviews for the game on Steam, complaining about the excessive amount of DLC planned as well as the general direction of the game, leading to an overall userscore of "Overwhelmingly Negative" on the platform.[74] Turtle Rock Studios countered this by claiming that as much content as possible was packaged with the main game, with DLC only including content created after the completion of Evolve's development.[75] At release, Evolve launched with 44 different paid-DLC skin packs.[76] Free updates were added to the game. The Observer mode was added on March 31, 2015,[77] and a less strategic mode, the Arena mode, was introduced on May 26, 2015.[78]Robb thought that the game's format has the potential to become an eSports game. 2K expressed similar enthusiasm, and added that they would allocate resources into developing eSports-centric features to Evolve if fans of the game expressed demands for it.[79] Turtle Rock and 2K collaborated with Electronic Sports League and Sony Pictures Entertainment to host a special tournament, in which players have to battle Chappie, the titular robot from the film Chappie, in February 2015.[80] A Pro-Am Tournament of Evolve took place on March 6, 2015 during PAX East.[81] During the tournament, they revealed that the eSport future of Evolve is determined.[82] On June 15, 2015, another tournament was hosted by the Electronic Sports League and 2K.[83]

Financial analyst Doug Creutz, of the Cowen Group, estimated only 300,000 physical copies were sold in Evolve's launch month, and by its current sales rate, a well-below average figure for the triple-A gaming industry. Creutz stated that Evolve may be "too niche to reach a wide audience", adding that the negative reception to its DLC plan has hindered its success considerably.[108] Despite such estimations, Karl Slatoff, President of Take-Two Interactive, stated that Evolve has achieved an incredibly successful" launch and that the company was very satisfied with the sales of the game.[108] As of May 2015, 2.5 million copies of the game had been shipped.[109] Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick considered the property one of their "permanent" franchises, joining Grand Theft Auto, BioShock and Red Dead.[110]

After earning well-deserved praise last year at gaming events including E3 and Comic-Con, Evolve has since been getting lost in the marketing shuffle of major releases that were delayed until 2015. Part of that has been the overabundance of gameplay videos, demos and poorly named public "alpha" events making it difficult for the gaming community to follow, the other part of it is the question of what content the game would deliver one.

Likely a big part of the reason behind the delay of Evolve from October 2014 to February 2015, it was announced a few weeks ago that Evolve would in fact, include a single-player, offline element that takes advantage of the game's also-recently-announced various gameplay modes. It seems increasingly clear that Turtle Rock and 2K wanted to bolster Evolve's offerings to bring value to gamers who took a few too many low blows from the industry in 2014. And it's all part of a bigger plan... to sell even more via DLC. Bring on even more monsters, beginning with the fourth to be revealed - Behemoth. Infographic on the community-named monster below: 041b061a72


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