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The gameplay in Dead Space 2 is far more varied than in Dead Space. Players are now required to hack to access certain areas, which is managed via a minigame. Kinesis is now faster and now allows for impalement using pointed objects such as a Slasher's blades, a mop, and poles. Players can now navigate zero-gravity environments in 360-degree motion, via a system of thrusters attached to Isaac's RIG. Like the first game, the primary enemies are the 'Necromorphs'; heavily mutated human corpses. The game is completely linear, with no tram stops or loading screens throughout the story. Also unlike the first game, chapters are not named in-game.

At one point, an onion dump scared Melony. As the rest got rid of them, Axol managed to bring back Melony, and she managed to finish the hack, arriving at a ruined bridge where the USB is. They entered with SMG4 as the passcode, and discovered a library. After some searching, an Internet Explorer slowpoke pointed the way into his origins, which was a central command. With Mario's inclever button mashing, SMG4's memories unfolded.


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